Sector Update 2023

NAPC Consultations – It is expected that the Department will run formal consultations with childminders in the coming months.  This is the opportunity for childminders to influence the future of your own sector. Make sure that you engage at every consultation opportunity.  You are the experts on childminding. You know what’s good for childminding and the children & families you work with.

Withdrawal of Childminding Ireland’s Grant Funding – There are to be changes to the way voluntary organisations including Childminding Ireland, will be funded from December 2024 onwards.  As your representative body, and as an association of childminders we are extremely concerned about the future funding of the organisation, given all the changes about to happen within the childminding sector.

The DCEDIY has notified the voluntary organisations that the funding grant will cease and instead a tendering process will be devised. Organisations will have to compete for work with no guarantee that they will be successful.

We believe that hearing the authentic voice of childminders, especially during this period of change is critically important, and we hope that we can count on your support as we lobby for funding and recognition into the future.

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