Autism Webinar Raises €420

Recently Childminding Ireland ran an Understanding Autism webinar which was very informative, thanks to Denis Sexton of the Irish Society of Autism, who generously shared his family’s personal experiences with autism. Denis’s stories provided valuable insights into the challenges and successes associated with autism, making the webinar both informative and relatable for many.

Denis explained high and low functioning autism. He spoke about the many aspects that individuals on the autism spectrum may possess, such as obsessions, tunnel vision and ear blocking to mention but a few. He emphasised the importance of being accurate in communication and interactions, mindful of visual overload, awareness of dislike to certain textures and understanding of their avoidance of touch.

Helpful tips are available on the Irish Society of Autism Website. In addition, they provide Autism Cards which provide information to members of the public if needed. 

Childminding Ireland believes that events like these play a crucial role in fostering understanding and empathy within our community. If you missed this event, we do plan to hold another next year which we will share details of with you once it is organised.

We are delighted to advise that forty-two people signed up for this event and we will be sending on all proceeds raised to the Irish Society of Autism.

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