Keeping Children Safe & Entertained on Long Car Journeys

As summer approaches, the anticipation of road trips and family adventures grows among childminders and parents alike. However, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of children during lengthy car journeys can present its challenges. Recognising these challenges, CMI reached out to Arachas Insurance Brokers for any tips and advice they might have.

At Arachas, we understand the importance of keeping children safe, entertained and motion-sickness free on the road. Here’s how childminders can navigate long car journeys with ease:

Safety First:

  • Secure Seating: Ensure all children are securely fastened in their car seats or booster seats, and that seat belts are properly adjusted.
  • Regular Inspections: Inspect car seats regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace them as needed to maintain safety.
  • Minimise Distractions: Avoid distractions like phone use, adjusting music, or GPS while driving to focus fully on the road ahead. 

Plan Ahead:

  • Route Planning: Before setting out on a long journey, plan your route, including rest stops, petrol stations and potential points of interest along the way.
  • Travel Safety Kit: Pack a travel safety kit containing essentials like water, snacks and any necessary medications.
  • Itinerary Sharing: Share the travel itinerary with parents or other key people, including estimated departure and arrival times, as well as scheduled stops.

Entertainment Options:

A diverse selection of entertainment options can keep children engaged and make the trip smoother. Consider these ideas:

  • Audiobooks or podcasts: Choose age-appropriate audiobooks or podcasts for captivating stories which can be enjoyed through the car’s sound system or individual headphones.
  • Interactive games: Play car bingo, where children mark off items such as cows, road signs, or landmarks they spot.
  • If the children don’t suffer from motion sickness: Offer portable arts and crafts supplies, such as colouring books and crayons to spark creativity and keep little hands busy. Handheld devices with child-friendly apps, games, or movies can also be great, but be mindful of screen time limits and opt for non-stimulating content.

It is also important to encourage stretching, walking and exploring during rest stops to break up the journey and prevent restlessness.

Motion-Sickness Prevention:

Motion sickness can dampen the excitement of a road trip, so take proactive measures to minimise its impact:

  • Seating Position: Choose seats where children can see the road ahead to help alleviate nausea.
  • Avoid Focusing Inside the Car: Avoid activities that involve focusing on objects inside the car, such as reading or playing handheld games.
  • Ventilation: Keep the car well-ventilated and take regular breaks to allow fresh air to circulate.

By prioritising safety, providing engaging entertainment options and taking steps to prevent motion sickness, childminders can ensure that long car journeys are enjoyable experiences for children and caregivers alike. At Arachas Insurance, we’re dedicated to promoting safety and well-being in all aspects of childcare. Here’s to safe travels and unforgettable adventures this summer!

P.S. For all your car and home insurance needs, contact the Glennon Car and Home team at Arachas for a quotation on 045 247348. Arachas Corporate Brokers Limited t/a Arachas is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered in Ireland No. 379157.

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