Childminders Involvement Critical to Success of National Action Plan

Childminding Ireland has called for childminders to be front and centre of the new National Action Plan for Childminding 2021 to 2028 (Action Plan). The Action Plan was launched virtually this evening by Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration & Youth Roderick O’Gorman.

The National Action Plan for Childminding 2021 to 2028 “ is a pathway to be developed over the next 8 years that sets out steps towards regulation, support and subsidies, for all paid, non-relative childminders. The Action Plan will involve change and significant benefits for childminders, children and the families using their services.”

As this Action Plan currently stands there are still many decisions yet to be made. Childminding Ireland’s Chief Executive Bernadette Orbinski Burke explains that childminders involvement is critical to the success of the National Action Plan. Commenting on the launch she said ‘it is crucial that childminders play a key role in developing and influencing the outcome of the Action Plan. Childminders need to be in the centre of this process and to be the majority at all decision-making tables. Having input and buy in from those working in this important sector for our economy, will ensure that childminding flourishes, survives and thrives in all communities around the country.’

The implementation of the Action Plan will see childminders included in a system of supports and regulation for the first time in the history of childminding in Ireland.

Childminding Ireland shares the Governments wish for the Action Plan to provide a coherent, phased, incremental transition of tens of thousands of childminders, from an unsupported to a supported and appropriately regulated childminding sector. However, unless childminders and those proximate to childminding are embedded in the decision making, this will not succeed.

Click here to view Childminding Ireland’s video outlining how we will support childminders over this period of change.

Click here to view Childminding Ireland’s video explaining the main points of the Government’s National Action Plan for Childminding (2021/28). 

Click here to visit the Government’s website on the National Action Plan for Childminding 2021-28.

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