Anxious Children

In April, Childminding Ireland was delighted to have Dr Mary O’Kane, a Lecturer in Psychology and Education, host a webinar on “Supporting Anxious Children in Childminding Settings”. Dr O’Kane’s presentation was both very informative and entertaining. Her real life examples of anxiety from both her personal and professional life were captivating. Explaining the benefits of anxiety and how it helps us to identify and respond to dangerous situations was very interesting. Learning about the part of the brain, the amygdala, that is responsible for regulating our emotions was fascinating. Dr O’Kane spoke about the importance of teaching controlled breathing to the children and its calming affects. She also referred the attendees to a number of sensory toys and in particular glitter jars which can help to sooth and calm the child.

Dr O’Kane involved participants by giving them an opportunity to ask questions. Before closing the webinar, she ensured all those present had a clear understanding of what child anxiety is, why it happens and the emotional impact on the child. She encouraged participants to contact her directly for individual enquiries and shared a “Tip Sheet” with all present on how to support the child to understand and manage their anxiety. Click here to read Mary’s Tip Sheet.

“Dr Mary was excellent, full of knowledge but explained everything in understandable terms.  Some brilliant ideas to incorporate into my service.” Childminder & attendee.

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