Myth: Women only

Many of these are fathers who see childminding as a career option that allows them a better work-life balance and the chance to be their own boss. Many families value male childminders as positive male role models for their children and it is not uncommon to see couples working as cochildminders

Childminding Ireland has joined forces with four leading childminding organisations within the United Kingdom and Ireland to launch a campaign that dispels some controversial childminding myths.  It is important that parents are aware of the facts when choosing a childcare provider that suits their family needs.

Here are some common childminding myths which this campaign is striving to dispel:

Join the campaign today to help give childminding the recognition it deserves.  To follow the campaign on social media, use #ChildcareChampions #ChildmindingVoices.

Click here to view the video explaining this myth.

Click here for the brochure which dispels this common myth.

Click here for the press release relating to the campaign.

Childminding is for Men too


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