The Aloe Vera Plant

By Mary Tynan, Heading of Training & Development, Childminding Ireland

I was given an Aloe Vera plant over 10 years ago with an expected life span of no more than a month given the absence of green fingers!! However to everyone’s astonishment my Aloe Vera plant continues to thrive today and produces endless offshoots which I am delighted to share with my family and friends. And the great thing is, all this happens with very little care on my behalf.

The Aloe Vera plant has been invaluable in my house over the years as it has been called upon on many occasions to relieve pain from my children’s scrapes and burns. Following an accident, I remove a leaf from the plant and squeeze the gel from it, immediately applying it to the scrape/burn. Alternatively, I cut the leaf lengthwise and leave the opened leaf gel-side down on top of the affected area.

Using the fresh leaf of the Aloe Vera plant is such an inexpensive way to sooth away your little ones pain and they will benefit from the many healing properties that the Aloe Vera plant has to offer.

Even the most horticulturally challenged can’t fail with the Aloe Vera plant. I keep my Aloe Vera plant in my kitchen window where it benefits from evening sun only. I usually give it a good watering once a month or every six weeks during winter. Remember, overwatering is definitely one way you will kill it.

I would highly recommend every household should have an Aloe Vera plant for its many healing benefits and because it looks great!!

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