For The Love of Music

By Bernie Byrne

Have you ever thought of music as more than a sound? To me it’s more than that.  It’s my passion and I make it part of everyday life. I love to listen to music and sing along as I’m going about my daily activities whether it’s when I’m doing house work or out walking or cycling – it goes wherever I go.

I am a founding member of a community choir which was established 14 years ago and I really enjoy the social connection that brings people together and the friendship I have gained over the years.

Studies show that music can have many benefits in our lives such as reducing stress, improving mood and better sleep.

I have always brought music into interests that I have had and involving it in my childcare career was no exception. From introducing my love for music and singing to my own children, to the many children that I have taught and nurtured over the years.  

During my childcare studies I researched the numerous benefits that can be gained from singing and playing music with children.  Some of these include:

 • Music can improve language development: Studies have found that musical training can improve language skills, including phonological awareness, vocabulary, and reading ability.

• Music can enhance cognitive development: Research has shown that musical training can improve cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and spatial reasoning.

• Music can aid in emotional development: Listening to and creating music can help children express and regulate emotions, as well as develop empathy and social skills.

• Music can improve motor skills: Playing a musical instrument requires fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which can be beneficial for overall motor development.

• Music can increase academic achievement: Studies have shown that children who participate in music education tend to perform better academically, particularly in maths and science.

 • Music can foster creativity and imagination: Engaging in musical activities can encourage children to explore their creativity and imagination, which can be beneficial for overall cognitive and emotional development.

In my opinion singing, dancing or playing an instrument is a fun and engaging activity that can provide numerous positive effects and can perhaps become one of their own passions in life.

Some musical activities you could try with children:

Making your own Drum: DIY Tin Can Drums for Kids – YouTube

Musical Hot Potato: Hot Potato Game Song for Children (Official Video) by Miss Patty | Nursery Rhymes| Hot Potato Game – YouTube

Freeze Dance Game:

Most importantly, have fun!

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