Create your own Christmas Baubles

Create Your Own Christmas Baubles

Have fun creating our simple Christmas baubles. Children of all ages will enjoy making these.

What you will need:

Tissue Paper
Coloured Card
PVA Glue
Wide Paintbrush

  1. Cut circles shape.  (Make pairs)






  2. Cut tissue paper into small circles. 





  3. Using paintbrush glue circle shapes. 






  4. Place the tissue shapes on to the circles covering all the circle area. 






  5. Place circles on a tray or in a container and sprinkle sparkles on. 






  6. Cut a piece of ribbon and make a loop and glue to undecorated side of circle. 







  7. Glue around the edges and place circles back to back.  Press gently to hold in place and allow to dry. 









  8. Enjoy making lots of variations of Christmas baubles.
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