Myth: Childminders are uninsured

Myth: Childminders are uninsured
Fact: All Childminding Ireland members must have insurance for childminding. Childminding insurance offers comfort and peace of mind for childminders and protection while they are working.

One of the main benefits of choosing a childminder over other types of childcare is that children can be out-and-about enjoying their local communities. With Childminding Ireland tailored insurance, members can take children on outings, such as trips to the post office, walking the dog, visiting the local park and school collections. In addition, older children can take part in after school activities because childminders can bring and collect them.

Childminders can find out more information on joining the Childminding Ireland insurance scheme.

Childminding Ireland has joined forces with four leading childminding organisations within the United Kingdom and Ireland to launch a campaign that dispels some controversial childminding myths. It is important that parents are aware of the facts when choosing a childcare provider that suits their family needs.

Here are some other common childminding myths which this campaign is striving to dispel:

Childminders are just babysitters, children just play and don’t learn as much with a childminder
Childminders can look after as many children as they want at any one time
Childminding is only for women
A childminder works for me (the parent)
A childminder will replace the parent/s in a child’s affection

Join the campaign today to help give childminding the recognition it deserves. To follow the campaign on social media, use #ChildcareChampions #ChildmindingVoices.

Click here to view the video explaining this myth.

Click here for the press release relating to the campaign.

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