Selecting a Childminder

Choosing a childminder that’s right for your family

This is a process that is likely to start by finding a childminder who has availability near you. Most likely you will make initial contact by phone and request a meeting in the childminder’s home.

Typically parents are looking for a childminder that replicates their own style of care.

In order to choose a childminder that best suits your family, it is important that your decisions are led by your family needs and priorities in relation to childcare.

Give some consideration to what you expect from a childminder. Here are some suggested questions which you can ask a potential childminder. These will help you to choose the right childminder for your family:

  • How long have you been childminding?
  • What is a typical daily routine, including food, sleep or rest time, homework support?
  • Who else would be in the house while my children are here, including other minded children?
  • Do you take the children out into the local community e.g. post office, grocery shopping?
  • What are your available hours?
  • Are all adults that will be in regular contact with my children Garda Vetted?
  • Are there family pets?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Do you have back-up care?
  • How do you manage children’s behaviour?
  • How will you communicate with us about our child’s progress?
  • What type of meals/snacks do you offer, if any?
  • How do you manage devices like television, computers and the internet? 
  • Where do the children sleep? 
  • How do you handle sickness?
  • What is your payment policy?
  • How do you manage holidays?
  • What happens in an emergency situation?
  • Do you offer regular outdoor play? 

We also advise parents to check that their childminder has the following documents and ask to see proof of them:

  • Childminding Ireland Membership
  • Garda Vetting
  • Insurance (business and motor)
  • First Aid
  • Child Safeguarding
  • References (remember to check these yourself)
  • Written Contract

You can review further information on our recommendations to childminders on the Interview Process which may help you in your decision.

If you would any further assistance please contact us, email fhccbeg@puvyqzvaqvat.vr or phone 01 2878466.