Childminder Rates

One of the most common queries that Childminding Ireland deals with from parents is on childminding rates and fees.  in order for us to keep a finger on the pulse, we regularly survey our members to establish what the average childminder rates are per hour.

Typically, the cost is €5/per child/per hour, which compares very favourably with other childcare options.

Every childminder is self-employed and is responsible for setting their own rates.  Surveys of the Childminding Ireland membership indicate that the average hourly rate charged by members is €5 per hour, this rate can vary widely depending on the area and also on what is included in your childminding fees.

The following are some of the factors which influence the childminding rate:

  • Meals/Activities: Is the childminder providing all meals or taking children to and from school or activities? 
  • Sibling Discount: Is the childminder caring for siblings? 
  • Hours Required: Do you need your child(ren) cared for fulltime, part time or after school hours?  Is it a term time arrangement or does it continue through the whole year?