Interview Process

Set aside some time to prepare yourself for an interview with potential parents. Both parents and childminders will want to establish if there is a fit with each other during the interview. As a childminder, you need to ensure that the family understands your policies, procedures and fees.

  • Phone Contact

    Parents want to know if your childminding service will meet their basic requirements: location, cost and number of children. Parent queries usually start with a phone call.

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  • Interview Preparation Tips

    Schedule the interview outside of your regular operating hours to ensure you are free of potential distractions and can focus on your meeting with the family.

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  • What Parents Want to Know

    Home Interview: What Parents Want to Know The biggest question that parents want to establish an answer to is, if you are the best person to mind their child.

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  • What You Need to Ask

    The questions you ask the parents during the interview are just as important as what the parents ask you. You want to find out if the family would be a good fit for your service.

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