Childminding rates can vary substantially. We regularly survey our members to establish an annual average childminding rate per hour. For the past number of years the average rate has stayed at €5 per child, per hour. However, every childminder is self-employed and is therefore responsible for setting their own rates and terms.

You need to keep in mind that this rate can vary widely depending on how many children you mind, how long you mind them for, your location and what is included in your childminding fees.

If you mind your own children at the same time, you will also save money on your own childcare costs. This will be a considerable saving and should be factored in when thinking about working as a childminder.

Think about the points below before deciding on your childminding rates and fees:

  • Numbers of Children: How many children will you mind? Access our calculator to help you.
  • Hours worked: Will your business operate fulltime, part time or after school hours? Will it be a term time arrangement or will you continue working through the whole year?
  • Holidays/Sick Days: How many days holidays will you take? Will you charge if the children are on holidays? Will you charge for days you are sick? What charges apply if the child is sick?
  • Meals: Will you provide meals & snacks?
  • Drop Off/Collections: Will you take children to and from school?

Understanding your non financial benefits of being a childminder and discovering the financial incentives available will also help in your decision making process.