CMI response to Fine Gael proposal to introduce tax credits for parents who employ childminders

2nd January 2018

PRESS RELEASE – Fine Gael Proposal for New tax break for childcare in home

While Childminding Ireland welcomes the focus on home based childcare and the important role it plays in the childcare sector, we call for all childminders providing quality childcare to be included in any State supports.

We would like to clarify that childminders are self-employed childcare providers working in their own home often for several different families, the proposal as quoted refers to ‘childminders’ as those working in the child home whereby the parents are the employers. Childcare workers employed by parents in the family home are often referred to as nannies. The employments rights of childcare workers in the home are covered by domestic worker’s legislation.

Benefits of childminding include:

• Childminding settings allow parents to choose a childminder that reflects their own parenting style
• Childminding allows a child’s individuality to flourish
• Children thrive in childminding settings
• Childminding provides a home from home environment for children

Childminding Ireland calls for:

• An appropriate and relevant system for the childminding sector
• Recognition for the unique value that childminding brings to both children and families
• The contribution of childminders minding Ireland’s children, to be recognised and supported