There is great satisfaction in knowing you've done your job well and served your clients' interests. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing Childminding Ireland with their testimonials.

Marie Paradise

“I was looking for guidance, insurance and networking and I found all that in the one package. The person on the phone was great, I registered quickly, got all the information I needed and the Team are always available to help out if needed. Having been a childminder for over 10 years and still currently part-time, I secured a few enquiries through the CM network but i’m also in touch with fellow childminders. I am not an Irish National and still need help with the relevant laws, contracts & other important details – but also need encouragement and feeling less alone sometimes.”

Fiona Horan

“I find the service from yourself very prompt and helpful.”

Ruth Rafferty

“I would not hesitate in recommending this site whatsoever, and wish everyone the best of luck in their search.”

Maya Sliskovic

“From my experience of childminding Ireland, i found them very quick to respond. I am very grateful because they provided me with the best advice and assistance.”

Elizabeth Johnson

“I heard about Childminding Ireland and I became a member of it as well. I have never regretted any of those decisions. I downloaded my Policies and Procedures from the website along with the other forms needed for parents. They provide free advertisement on their website and I have had many of enquiries as a result. I love what I do and get great support from Childminding Ireland.”

Roberta Girinelli

“I recently joined Childminding Ireland and I’m delighted with the support they provide. It is a brilliant service for everyone interested in childcare.”

Teresa Kellett Whitwham

“I have nothing but praise for CMI. At the moment I am registering with Tusla and if I need clarification about Regulations or what is expected of me as a registered Childminder, I give the CMI office a call. They have been so helpful and have taken away some of my worries, from what can be quite daunting process. It’s actually a relief to be part of an organisation, which i can depend on, and will represent me as a Childminder.”