Voluntary Notification

This scheme is no longer available in every area due to the closure of Childminder Advisory Services but it is under review. Contact your local CCC to find out more. The Voluntary Notification and Support scheme for childminders was started by the Health Service Executive for Childminders who are exempt from the Early Years Regulations (Childcare Legislation) because they mind less than 4 unrelated children.

The details of the scheme are laid out in the National Guidelines for Childminders (2008).

The Guidelines list four core requirements for all childminders, that:

  • The person is suitable to mind children
  • The person is committed to the well-being of the children in their care
  • The home is a secure and happy place for a child
  • The person has adequate health and safety procedures in place

To access the scheme, contact your Local Childcare Committee. Since Childminder Advisory Services are no longer funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, not all CCCs provide support for the scheme. However, all CCCs support childminders to access a range of other supports, including: