Will childminding suit me & my family?

A good place to start thinking is asking yourself whether it would suit you and your family. Nobody is expecting the most perfect house ever, but they are hoping for somewhere welcoming and friendly. That home-from-home feeling. Parents favour childminders with a caring nature, someone who is calm and friendly. You will also need to give some thought to things like having appropriate toys and providing a safe environment.

Childminders can mind anywhere from just 1 child up to as many as 6 children at any one time. Would you enjoy this, and would this be feasible in your home?

Something we are often asked is How much can I earn?  As each childminder is their own boss, they can choose their own rate, but, on average, it works out at €5 per hour per child. It’s worth also remembering, if you have small children at home, you will save on childcare costs yourself.

Other things you need to think about before setting up your childminding services are:  Will you be preparing and serving food, or simply heating up what the parents provide? Will you supervise homework? What are the hours you will work? What about holidays? Will you ever allow children to stay the night?