Childminding Agreements

It is vital that all childminders have an agreement/contract in place with their clients, i.e. parents. A written agreement clearly states what is expected from both the childminder and the parents/guardians. It can be referred to if needed and can prevent misunderstandings in the future, while the details of verbal agreements can easily be forgotten or misremembered.

The contract is built by both parties agreeing to terms and conditions that should include the following:

  • Days and Hours of Childminding; this needs to be specified for each child.
  • Payment for Childminding - date due, in advance, weekly or monthly, method of payment
  • Payment for absences / holiday arrangements
  • Care required: Who provides which meals? Who provides equipment?
  • Notice period or arrangement if the either party intends to terminate the agreement.


The contract needs to be signed by all parties and copies provided. It needs to be reviewed regularly, every 6-12 months, or as situations change and your contract needs to reflect any changes to the original agreement. Once signed, this working agreement is a legally binding document.