Navigating Accounting & Tax for Childminders

Navigating Accounting & Tax for Childminders

A key concern for childminders is managing their book-keeping and completing their tax returns. 

To give you the support you may need to manage your own tax returns, we have arranged for Chartered Accountant Sarah McGuinness of SM Accounting Solutions to deliver training via Zoom which is tailored specifically for childminders. Sarah, is an experienced trainer and aims to equip you with the necessary skills to confidently manage your tax returns and alleviate the stress and expense associated with them annually. Sarah has already delivered this training to childminders and their feedback has been extremely positive.

The training consists of four sessions, each covering various topics and includes all crucial information related to filing tax returns.

Session 1

  • Registering with Revenue
  • Sole traders/ self-employed Revenue obligations
  • What is a tax / business year?
  • Accounting Elements (the basics!)
  • Allowable business expenses/ categories you must use

Session 2

  • The Accounting Steps
  • Financial records that must be kept
  • Recording the financial records (‘keeping the Books’)
  • The Income & Expenditure (Profit & Loss) Account
  • The Balance Sheet

Session 3

  • On what income do we pay taxes?
  • Basis of Assessment – single, married?
  • Income tax – Bands & Rates
  • Tax Credits and Reliefs
  • PRSI rates
  • Universal Social Charge (USC) rates
  • Exempt Incomes
  •  ‘Connie’ – an income tax working example
  • Tax Deadlines and Preliminary Tax

Session 4

  • A user-friendly walk-through of how to submit the Form 11 on ROS
  • How to complete the Form 11
  • How to enter all profit / loss figures
  • How to enter all other required information
  • How to claim for all tax credits due
  • How to submit and pay the taxes due

Cost:            €55 for members & 60 non members

Tax Registration & Accounting Basics  Tue 03 Sep7pm – 9pm
Financial Records, The Books & The AccountsTue 10 Sep7pm – 9pm
Income TaxesTue 17 Sep7pm – 9.30pm
Submitting your Income Tax Return on ROSTue 24 Sep7pm – 9.30pm

To reserve your place on these four training sessions, please use the ‘Book Now‘ section of this webpage. Once you book the first session on 3rd September, you are booked on ALL four sessions (check your availability for all dates in advance). Please note, places are limited. 

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on genvavat@puvyqzvaqvat.vr

You can read the feedback and reviews on this training course from previous attendees here.