Children Benefit from the Unique features of Childminding homes

When children are minded locally, they have the advantage of growing up in their own neighbourhood. When play-school or big-school time comes, there will be friends and old playmates and neighbours among the sea of strange faces.

  • A Childminder offers a one-to-one relationship, which is ideal for babies and young children.
  • The Childminder’s home replicates a family with a range of ages, promoting empathy rather than competition among the children
  • Childminding offers continuity of care from one person, often through the school-age years
  • Children can be taken out and about – children experience the world in a real way
  • Siblings are minded together have opportunities to interact all day
  • Fewer illnesses than in large group childcare

Parents Benefits

  • Ongoing direct connection with the person caring for their child
  • Flexibility – the parents and Childminder agree the details of the childcare required and may include over-night care
  • Consistency
  • Communications
  • Location