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Childminding Ireland Member Benefit Update

These discounts have been negotiated for all members.

ReCreate Ireland – a Veritable Treasure Trove 

Looking for Treasure? Forget your crumpled maps, your skull and cross bones, your shovel and pick, forget them.  ReCreate Ireland does all the hard digging for you.  They gather surplus treasure, more commonly known as:  paper, plastics, card, fabric, tubing, wool and much more and for a very reasonable annual fee, they allow you access as much of their treasure as you want as often as you want.   ReCreate are particularly interested in giving Childminders access to their treasure, so that the children in their care, boys and girls of all ages, including babies can have access a world of possibility!

ReCreate’s mission is to inspire creativity, curiosity and lateral thinking while leaving a light carbon footprint.

ReCreate use workshops to encourage creativity which expands learning possibilities and enhances the imagination. Adult workshops support Childcare professionals and teachers to up-skill through the visual arts.

The ‘Warehouse of Wonders’ has over 1,000 members including many Childminders and boasts a lovely Members area, where you can take time to sit down, relax and think about what you want to ReCreate with the materials available. Members meet, chat and swap ideas. It’s a great networking opportunity and there’s a Kids play / exploration area too!

Recreate incorporate delivery to members as they collect their treasures all around Ireland.

Email: or call: 01 456 8798

 Unlock the Treasure:

€80 buys Single Person Annual Membership which includes unlimited resources and unlimited visits. Childminding Ireland Membership yields a 10% discount reducing the annual fee to €72.

ReCreate open Monday to Friday.